Do you really know the person you are hiring?

Background Investigations, Inc. is a vital resource for you to use. We specialize in performing criminal background checks on job applicants who live in USA and Internationally.

We know you want timely, accurate, reliable information so that you can hire the best candidates.

  • The Nationwide Felony and Misdemeanor conviction history check is our signature product 
  • Address History Verification ensures accuracy
  • Results in as little as 1 business day

Background Investigations: Cost effective, accurate, reliable, professional and top in the field. If this is how you want your customers to describe your company, then let us assist you in screening your new job applicants.

We'll protect your business from:


  • Negligent Hiring Practices
  • Wrongful Discharge Litigation
  • Company Theft Risk
  • Interview Falsification
  • Pre-Screening Costs

Our Products

All Background checks require an individual’s consent. These checks can contain information from a variety of resources and may include: Criminal and civil record checks at county courthouses, state repositories, federal courts and/or international courts; Driving records checks; Drug testing; Verification of employment, education, professional licensure; Reference checks; Registry checks; such as sex offender and child and elder abuse lists; Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals List (SDNL); Export Denial List Search; Patriot Act Searches (terrorist watch lists); Office of Inspector General (OIG) Search and other healthcare sanction lists; Financial Industry Checks, including SEC filings, FINRA and Federal Reserve Sanctions.


Why conduct background checks?

Background checks are completed for many reasons including compliance with housing, licensing and employment laws and regulations. Additionally, employers and property managers use background checks to make informed placement decisions, retain the most qualified candidates, and mitigate the risk in selecting the wrong candidate. Workplace violence, fraud, embezzlement, and theft are a multi-billion dollar drain on our economy, a cost which can be mitigated. Additionally, we live in an electronic world where publicity, particularly negative publicity and headlines spread quickly. The first question posed by media in any workplace violence situation is whether there was a background check — the “wrong” answer can devastate the very foundation of a trusted organization. Organizations owe it to their employees, their customers and the public to complete their due diligence and perform a background check on applicants to mitigate risk in homes and workplaces.

Why Us?

Background Investigations provides the public with safe places to live and work. We are regulated by both the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at the federal level as well as subject to state attorney general enforcement actions. background Investigations must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act as well as state privacy and consumer protection laws. The FCRA, in place since the 1970s, requires professional background screeners and employers to provide consumers the highest level of protection.